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React.js–Get started in Dart #3

In Part 2 we continued looking at the React documentation examples while implementing them in Dart. We began by refactoring the createReactClass function to use named parameters in an attempt to simplify the writing of components:

// web/components/ticker.dart
var Ticker = createReactClass(
    getInitialState: () => makeJsObject({
          "seconds": 0,
    componentDidMount: (ReactClassInterface self) {
      self.interval = Timer.periodic(Duration(seconds: 1), (_) => self.tick());
    componentWillUnmount: (ReactClassInterface self) {
    render: (ReactClassInterface self) => React.createElement(
          ['Seconds ${getProperty(self.state, "seconds")}'],
    methodMap: {
      "tick": (ReactClassInterface self) {
        self.setState((dynamic state) {
          var seconds = getProperty(state, "seconds") as int;
          return makeJsObject({
            "seconds": seconds + 1,

And it’s usage:

// web/main.dart

In this final part we will be using the react package to build out the other examples. The react package provides a much friendlier API for building custom components:

import 'dart:async';

import 'package:react/react.dart';

class TickerComponent extends Component {
  Timer interval;

  tick() { ... }

  Map getInitialState() => {'seconds': 0};

  componentDidMount() { ... }

  componentWillUnmount() { ... }

  render() => div({}, 'Seconds ${state["seconds"]}');

var Ticker = registerComponent(() => TickerComponent());


I hope this was insightful and you learned something new today.

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