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Now launching the Official Merch Store

Success stories are usually preceeded by a boat-load of failures they say. This website has become one of the go-to Dart resources for Dart tutorials. The aim had always been to shed light on the Dart language and its ecosystem of tools and packages.

On that note of success, it is with great pleasure and excitement to announce the Official Merch Store. Here’s a great opportunity to support the brand and keep the Dart content flowing. It’ll keep the lights on while I continue to produce detailed and thorough video tutorials on full-stack web development with the Dart SDK.

I have received tremendous support and goodwill through the various social media channels. I am motivated daily by the buzz Dart has captured lately, proven by the Flutter framework.

If you’ve found my content interesting and helpful in your own projects, check out the store and grab some merch. It’ll make you awesome!

Jermaine Oppong

Hello 👋, I show programmers how to build full-stack web applications with the Dart SDK. I am passionate about teaching others, having received tremendous support on sites like and for my articles covering various aspects of the Dart language and ecosystem.

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