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Dart and MongoDB Tutorial #2: Implement a RESTful api to interface with our database

In the last video we learnt how to talk to a MongoDB database using the mongo_dart package.

In this video we will learn how to write a RESTful api to talk to our MongoDB database with inbuilt Dart classes and the mongo_dart package. MongoDB is a well-known NoSQL database that stores its items as JSON documents (BSON to be exact).

At the end of this video, you will be comfortable writing a RESTful api to interface with a MongoDB database.

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  • Hey Jermaine,

    It is a way to receive from server a find() command as Json string? Because what I receive is a Json like but without the quotation marks. Thanks

  • Hi Jermaine,
    I need to make a request from a dart file to a dart server with a mongodb query, and the server to reply accordingly. Could you help me?
    that query will be inserted in coll.find()