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One-on-One consulting sessions

You’ve seen the tutorials and completed the courses. You are implementing that amazing feature only to find out something is broken. Is it a code problem? Is it a knowledge problem? Are you stuck? Need a boost on your Dart and Flutter skills?

My One-on-One Dart and Flutter consulting sessions will give you that extra support to get on track and clear any areas of doubt. These sessions are booked via Calendly and conducted via Zoom so that you can be productive wherever you are.

Prior to each session we will establish what your goals are. This will help set the tone and focus during our One-on-One consulting sessions to ensure we meet these goals fully.

With 9+ years experience in web development, I’ve learnt to be proficient in Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, TypeScript and NodeJS. I’m also familiar with common web frameworks such as ReactJS, VueJS, Angular and AngularDart.

Experience in Dart, Flutter, AngularDart, NodeJS, TypeScript and ES6 Javascript.