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Dart 2 has reached stable

It’s with great pleasure writing this short message to celebrate Dart 2 hitting the stable milestone. This means that it is ready for building production applications.

I’ve had a pleasant experience diving into Dart so far, due to the reasons below:

  1. I found it familiar and easy to pick up within days
  2. I was impressed with the range of useful utility methods, making it easier to work with the inbuilt types
  3. It’s truly object-oriented and has a strongly typed language
  4. It promises and delivers a very productive experience
  5. It has a growing community on Reddit and StackOverflow
  6. It comes with a repository of packages
  7. It provides tooling for web applications
  8. It has proven itself in the mobile app development space

And I’ll continue to expand on these via future articles!

Here’s the full announcement by the Dart team.

If you ever considered taking the leap, now is the time.

Jermaine Oppong

Hello 👋, I show programmers how to build full-stack web applications with the Dart SDK. I am passionate about teaching others, having received tremendous support on sites like and for my articles covering various aspects of the Dart language and ecosystem.

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