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Angel Dart Framework Tutorial Series

In this video series we will look at the Angel Framework for backend Dart development, written by Tobe Osakwe, a CS student. Angel comes batteries-included with dozens of plugins, enabling a “plug-and-play” approach to developing production quality applications. We will build a CMS for managing blog articles with validation and search functionality.

Part 2

In this part we will learn about services and model classes, utilising code generation tooling to generate classes that serialize our data for persistence layer. We will create a MongoService responsible for facilitating communication with our MongoDb database.

Part 3

In this video we will learn how to preview articles saved to the database, as well as implement validation of our input with error handling to ensure that we aren’t submitting invalid data.

Part 4

In this video we will add edit and delete features to our articles.

Part 5

In this video we will look at search and navigation toggling.

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Jermaine Oppong

Hello 👋, I show programmers how to build full-stack web applications with the Dart SDK. I am passionate about teaching others, having received tremendous support on sites like and for my articles covering various aspects of the Dart language and ecosystem.

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