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Hello 👋 my name is Jermaine Oppong. I’m a Web Developer, Technical Writer and Programming Instructor. Having worked with various languages in the IT industry for over 8 years now, this blog has been set up as a means of teaching you to become a full-stack developer working with the Dart SDK.

Dart is a general-purpose programming language and ecosystem that aims to enable you to craft quality experiences across all screens. It comes with a client-optimized language, robust frameworks and flexible tooling to make you productive as a software developer.

I’ve been blogging about Dart since April 2018, beginning on platforms such as and This blog is therefore set up from the growing interest and support with the aim of being the go-to Dart resource blog on the Dart language and tools with easy to understand Dart tutorials and videos for your next project.

This blog with also cover transferable concepts like Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, RESTful API development, HTTP, Web APIs and many more.

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